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Greycells LLC

P.O. Box: 82564, Dubai, U.A.E.

Corporate office: Office 832, B Block,

                         Business Village,    

                         Clock Tower - Dubai


Telephone         : +971 4  298 9098

Fax                   : +971 4  298 9080

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Vision & Mission

The Greycells Networks is committed to increase the Organizational effectiveness of our clients by providing technology solutions that are least described as best. We aim at providing the optimal settlement for the IT solutions and services very efficiently in a cost operative and operational way to the customers.

The mission here at Greycells is mainly to provide the best customer service and satisfaction to its customers in U.A.E. The main focus here at Greycells is to provide a strong process which can make networking simple and convenient for our clients. With the world going online, the need for better technology services is inevitable. Greycells understands this and works diligently at meeting the network and technology needs of its clients.


The main goal of the Grey cells is to foster a long term relationship with the clients by providing affordable services and prompt response to any technology related issues. These services are provided by qualified engineers with a passion towards excellence in a cost effective way which is the least time consuming. The company is well known in maintaining an upfront as well as open character in all the services and activities.     

Core Values

The core values of us here at Greycells are integrity, competence, growth, kindness, service as well as candor. Greycells Networks is mainly focused on dealing with their customers and clients in a fair, transparent and a consistently passionate way. This is mainly due to the integrity and trust in providing excellent services thereby making long term relationships. The last minute surprises and unfortunate experiences are avoided for the clients, as the moment we realize that the situation is getting out of hand; people are updated and kept well informed.


We go that extra mile in delivering the best and that which is expected much more than promised. The benchmark maintained by Grey Cells is the best business with zeal to explore new as well as better things. The satisfaction level is maintained keenly with nothing that is less than the best! The threshold level is maintained well and keeps increasing for each and every customer.