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Greycells LLC

P.O. Box: 82564, Dubai, U.A.E.

Corporate office: Office 832, B Block,

                         Business Village,    

                         Clock Tower - Dubai


Telephone         : +971 4  298 9098

Fax                   : +971 4  298 9080

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Greycells is very popular in providing the best quality of supplies of the latest and branded products to its clients. We take care of the technological needs of both small as well as large scale business enterprises. You can get a number of branded products for the supply of a number of services such as IT infrastructure, Data and voice, IP telephony, Data storage, IT security, Data structure products etc. to name a few. The main goal of us here at Greycells is to provide the clients with the best consulting services available in the market. We help our customers in getting the maximum possible returns from the investments made by them. This in turn will increase the clientele with the excellent customer business, skills, name, wealth and fame indeed!

Few of our partners...

The famous and branded partners and suppliers in association with Greycells include HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Epson, IBM, Watch Guard, DELL, SONICWALL etc. to name a few. The services provided by us are available 24/7 along with technical guidance too. There are also recovery and emergency back-up options provided by us in case of any sudden and uncontrollable situations. This way the business of the client doesn’t get effected thereby reducing the possible risk of a business loss.

All the products and services provided at Greycells are high quality and easy to install with excellent customer care. This has been the most striking feature of us here at Greycells in gaining the clientele.


There is an exceptional relationship between the suppliers and the partners which in turn helps in developing a long term relationship with the customers. However much complicated the technology might be, we make sure that the best services are provided by us for the efficient use and working of the computers and systems.


The operations available from us are highly reliable and operative. The designing of the entire infrastructure is done in a very flexible manner for the best possible use of the integration and resources available there.  

And many more...