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Greycells LLC

P.O. Box: 82564, Dubai, U.A.E.

Corporate office: Office 832, B Block,

                         Business Village,    

                         Clock Tower - Dubai


Telephone         : +971 4  298 9098

Fax                   : +971 4  298 9080

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About us


Greycells was established in 2006 in Dubai with the sole aim of becoming the leading technology solutions provider. The company has significantly progressed over the years and is now recognized as one of the best in the industry. With our ‘Power of Focus’, we concentrate on converging excellence along with customer contentment.

The idea and philosophy here at Greycells is to help the customers get the most from the investments made by them in the fields of technology and infrastructure development. This, we do by providing optimal performance with technology solutions. No matter how much the technology develops, the fact of the matter is that businesses need their computers to run smoothly. We ensure that.

We here at Grey Cells Networks strive in making it successful for all the people involved directly as well as indirectly with us. Greycells operates as a team with lead engineers who look into your issues from time to time. There is an undying devotedness to multiply as well as increase the skills, customer business, wealth, name and fame of the potential customers. In addition to the growth of the clients, we also look at enriching the lives of others who are around us in some or the other way.